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Table Manners





Making Ganjang


1. Prepare meju (fermented soybeans).


2. Put salt into a wicker (or bamboo) basket and place the basket in a large container. Pour water over the salt to make brine. Pass brine through a fine sieve. Prepare an earthenware jar with a wide mouth to receive much sunshine. Sterilize the jar with hot water. Brush meju lumps clean, washing lump by lump in water.


3. Put washed meju lumps in the jar and pour brine over them.



4. Put clean charcoals (soot), peppers, and jujubes into the jar and keep it covered for 3 days. Open the jar to have it exposed to the sun.


5. Cover the jar with a piece of fabric net and wait for 40 days. Open the jar frequently to have the contents exposed to the sun. After 40 days, take out charcoals, peppers, and jujubes. Prepare another jar and a sieve. Place the sieve at the mouth of the new jar and pass the liquid (soybean sauce) through the sieve into the new jar.