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Introduction of Samjinnal


Samjinnal is often called as Samjiri and is famous for a day of swallows flying in. This is a biggest holiday in spring, and various events and festivals for welcoming spring have been performed on that day.



Girls make doll brides as they tie a bamboo piece with the tail end of water grass using thread, and make its hair in braids, and put it on Jeogori and red skirt.
Gyeongrohoe was held for all the elderly who become 70 regardless of their social status, including humble men like servants, in order to show respect to them and serve food for them.

Hwalssogidaehoe was held as the beaus from all over the country gathered in the archery field and divided into teams.

While they were shooting arrows, gisaengs in splendid clothes sang in a row at their back in order to encourage them to it better.