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The Food on Samjinnal


Hwajeon (A flower-shaped Rice Cake)

This is a food made by pan-frying the dough of glutinous rice powder to be round-shaped using sesame oil.



Hwameon (Flowered noodles)

This is a food made by slicing the cooked dough of mung bean powder and putting it into Omija tea with honey and pine nuts. The dough can include azalea petals and can be dyed in red or put into honeyed water. This is also called as 'Sumeon' and is often used in the religious service.


They make white pieces of rice cake in a bubble shape dyed with five colors, putting red-beans in it, and string the five pieces of cake with beads. Small pieces are five to be threaded and large ones are three. This is called as Sanddeok or Ggopjangddeok.


Various drinks were brewed in each family to drink them in spring. Somyeonju, Songsunju, and Gwahaju are the well-known drinks, and in Gwanseo regions, Gamheungro and Byeokhyangju are famous, and in Haeseo areas, Igangju, and in Honam regions, Jukryeokgo and Gyedangju, and in Hoseo areas, Nosanchun and Seohyangro are well known. In addition, Samaju is the drink brewed on the fourth fifth day repeatedly and is famous for its unchangeable taste even after the one year of its brewing.