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Table Manners






The Food on Dano



Surichwi is oval-shaped like other kinds of saussurea in general, but the back of its leaves looks white, and its dried leaves burn well and have high durability. Raw Surichwi is patted and mixed with nonglutinous rice powder as what is done with mugwort in making Ssuktteok so as to make rice cake

Aengdu Hwachae (Cherry Punch)

The cherries are ripened first among various fruits, and the Dano season is the best time for them. Thus, on that season, they were offered up to the Royal Court, and were presented to the royal families' ancestral shrines and sanctuaries, and were used to make rice cake or Hwachae. Aengdupyeon (Cherry rice cake) is made by the process that after steaming cherries slightly and sieving them with a big-holed strainer to gather only the flesh of them, boil it down and harden it adding starch to it. And serve it with raw chestnuts. After cleaning up cherries picked and removing the seeds of them, put them in sugar or honey for a while and before eating it, put them in Omija tea with some kernels of pine nuts.