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Table Manners






The Food on Chuseok






Steamed Chicken

Baknamul (Seasoned Gourd)

Baesuk (Cooked Pear)

Seasoned Green-bean Sprouts



Toranguk (Taro Soup)



This is rice cake made by the process that after kneading nonglutinous rice with boiled water and making it into pieces of half moon-shaped rice cake, putting into them the buns such as unripe beans, green perilla, or chestnuts, steam them in an earthenware steamer at which bottom several layers of pine needles are. This is also called as Songbyeong or Songyeopbyeong and is rice cake made nationwide and is holiday rice cake for Chuseok made with fresh grains of the year. Especially the Songpyeons for Chuseok are made with rice harvested in that year and are put on the tables of memorial services and in front of the graves, expressing thanks to the ancestors with the food made with fresh grains.