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Introduction of Pyebaek


As soon as wedding ceremony is finished, bride makes introductory bows to groom's family, which procedure is called 'Pye-Baek.'
Pyebaek courtesy is one of the traditional customs that last till now, showing its significance.  Hence it is desirable to know the correct procedure and observe it.



Order of Pyebaek


Food prepared for Pyebaek includes jujube fruits (to be used by groom's father) and jerked beef (by mother).
Jujube fruits are wrapped in red cloth and laid on right side (before groom's father), while jerked beef is wrapped in blue cloth and laid on left side (before mother).  
Upon receiving bride's bow, groom's father throws jujube fruits to bride, saying good wishes of bearing first son. 
Nowadays we often see that groom' mother or relative throws jujube fruit, which is not right.  Only groom's father is supposed to throw the fruits.
Groom's mother strokes jerked beef, telling bride good wishes and advising on serving parents-in-law, keeping harmony with relatives, bringing up children, etc.

Stroking jerked beef has the meaning of protection and affection towards bride.

In the old days, grooms' father gave bride a guidebook or hanging scroll of moral instruction, and mother gave her jewelry such as rings (that had been inherited over generations in the family).  It is often seen nowadays that groom's parents or relatives give money in response to bride's bow, which is a misled custom.

Bride is expected to make a big bow four times during Pye-Baek procedure.

The first who will receive bride's bow are groom's parents, and then grandparents, followed by uncle, aunt, father's sister, elder brother and other relatives according to degree of kinship.  For relatives under the level of elder brother, mutual bowing shall be made.


Provision of presents


Jerked beef, jujube fruits, sake (in calabash), wine cup and stand, folding screen, ceremonial table and cover (blue and red color), mat with flower patterns, side table and its cover.



Formal introduction to groom's family


* Bride shall make a big bow four times as Pyebaek formality.
* Groom's parents are seated in front of folding screen.
* Bride in traditional costume stands ahead, supported by helper on both sides.


Order of receiving bow
First, Groom's parents
Second, Groom's grandparents
Third, Groom's uncles
Fourth, Sisters of groom' father (and their husbands)
Fifth, Brothers and spouses
Sixth, Sisters
Seventh, Nephews (nephews make bow first, met by bride's responding bow)
For persons from first to fourth, bride makes one-way bow.  For others, mutual bowing shall be made.