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Table Manners




First, Mind Control

Our ancestors regarded mind control as an important element while brewing liquor. First of all, they cleaned their body and mind and offered a sacrificial rite before they start to brew.

Second, Making Malt

Malt is a substance to form a mass of wheat so that molds and yeast grow well in there. Malt makes molds spread out evenly and makes good liquor smell.

Third, Processing of Raw Ingredients

Main ingredients of traditional liquor are grains, and among the grains the representative one is rice. The taste of rice wine depends on how to process rice. Sometimes hot water is poured to rice powder to use it as a raw material for rice wine and sometimes rice is steamed in an earthenware steamer.

Fourth, Brewing Liquor

When steamed rice for making wine and malt were made, the steamed rice and malt powder are put into the cooled down water after boiling and put them into the liquor jug for brewing. The liquor jug should be kept in a place where temperature is appropriate with some wind blowing so that the temperature of liquor jug does not go up too high. In order to check whether the liquor is matured or not, knock the jug and clear sound is the sign of well-done liquor.