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Table Manners


Korean cabbage


Red pepper


Pa (scallion or green onion)





Godeulbbagi (Korean lettuce)

Dalrae (wild garlic)

Leaf mustard

Pickled anchovy

Pickled shrimp

Minari (parsley)


 Korean cabbage

To make delicious kimchi, it is important to select fine cabbages. Cabbages of mid-size, fully stuffed, and feeling heavy when picked up are desirable cabbages. Good cabbages have the traits that, when pressed, the white part of their stalk should be felt hard and that, when cut into half, the inner part of stalk should taste sweet. Cabbage contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, as well as various elements that produce medicinal effects. There are research papers showing that methylmethionine hidden in cabbage is effective in curing arteriosclerosis and that methylsysteinsulfoxid is helpful in reducing cholesterol.