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20 whole Baechu (Korean cabbage) (60kg), 19 cups (3kg) thick salt, 10 bunches  (10kg) radish, 1 bunch (400g) jjokpa, 300g leaf mustard, 300g minari (parsley), 1/2 bunch (400g) green onion, 10 cloves (400g) garlic, 3 roots (100g) ginger, 10 cups (800g) red pepper powder, 2 cups hot water, 1 cup (250g) salted fish, 1cup (200g) salted anchovy, 1 cup (200g) raw oyster, 2 cups (300g) raw shrimp, proper quantities of salt and sugar  



Trimming and preparing ingredients



① Tear off tough outer leaves of cabbage, then wash and cut cabbage into half.
② Put cabbages into salty water and then pick them up.  Sprinkle salt a little on the cabbages (towards their stalks) and store them, with cut section upwards, in big jars one by one.  After preserving them for about five hours, turn each cabbage upside down so that salts may be fully and evenly soaked into the cabbages. 
③ Cleanse the salted cabbages in water, and then drain them until they are dried.  Cut large cabbages again into half, and then cut off their roots. 


① After shredding radish, trim and wash the jjokpa, leaf mustard and parsley.  Then cut all of them into 4cm pieces, and shred the white part of green onion.
② Chop ginger and garlic.  Then, take shrimps out of pickled fish and chop them (soup of pickled fish should remain). 
③ After taking off shells, cleanse oysters in salty water and then pick them up. 
④ Remove motes and impurities from raw shrimps, which will be then washed, drained and ground fully in a grinder. 
⑤ Add red pepper powder on shredded radish until they become reddish.  Mix parsley, leaf mustard, green onion and green onion with radish.  And then, put garlic, ginger and salted fish into the mixture.  Lastly, season them with salt and sugar. 


① The salted cabbage leaves will be filled with kimchi stuffing made from condiments and trimmed radishes.  The filling shall begin from back side of the cabbages, and carried out evenly.
② Wrap the whole package with large outer leaves of cabbage and put them in the jars.
③ Lay outer leaves of vegetable on top of them, and sprinkle rough salts.