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Table Manners



Ingredients and measurements (for 5 persons)

5 sari (coil) noodles, 13 cups (600g) beef brisket broth, 2 spoons soy sauce
㉠ 2 spoons salt, 1 spoon sugar, 1 spoon vinegar, 1 cucumber (100g), 1/2 tsp salt,
1/4 tsp sesame oil, 2 eggs, 5 pyogo mushrooms (20g), 1/2 tsp thick soy sauce
㉡ 1/2 tsp sesame salt, 1/4 tsp sesame oil, 200g pear, 1 spoon pine nut, proper quantity of shredded red pepper, 2 spoons mashed mustard




① Put beef brisket 600g into a pot and pour 16~17 cups of water, and boil them fully at mid-heat, to produce some 13 cups of meat soup.  Cool the soup and clear away all the fats from it, which will be seasoned with ㉠ and cooled off.
② While meat soup is boiling, pick up half of the fully cooked meat, wrap them in a cloth, press hard and cut them into thin slices of 2x4x0.2cm.  Now they are ready as garnish of cold noodle.
③ Shred or cut cucumber into proper-sized pieces, pickle them in salt for a short time, and drain them.  Then, stir-fry the cucumber pieces on a pan on which sesame oil has been spread beforehand. 
④ Boil eggs and shred them thinly in the way to keep their round form.
⑤ Soak pyogo mushroom in water, and shred them and stir-fry on a pan with sesame oil, and then season them with condiments of ㉡.
⑥ Cut pear into large pieces, and tear off stems from pine nuts which shall be washed.
⑦ Wash noodles after they are fully boiled, and then put them on a large bowl as a sari (coil).  Lay meat slices, cucumber, pyogo mushroom, eggs, pine nuts and pear above the noodles in an orderly shape.  Sprinkle shredded red peppers on them and then pour cooled meat soup sufficiently.  Then, the bowl is ready to be served on table.  Mustard, vinegar, sugar and salt are also served along with the bowl. 



    • ☞ Noodles shall be heaped up in the bowl, to be served like coils.
    • ☞ Cucumber can be seasoned either after cooking or as raw. 
    • ☞ Cucumber and pear may be cut into large pieces instead of being shredded.
    • ☞ Hot radish kimchi may be used for cold noodles.  Boiled pork slices can be used instead of beef as garnish of noodles.
    • ☞ In hot summer noodles may be prepared in juice of watery radish kimchi.
    • ☞ Cold noodles served in winter season normally use clear juice of watery kimchi, radish kimchi or just kimchi instead of meat broth.  Of them, watery kimchi juice is particularly good as it is clear and refreshing.  However, it would be better to mix the juice with meat broth in equal proportion.
    • ☞ Best taste can be obtained by kneading buckwheat flour, pressing and squeezing them through a machine into noodles, and then boiling them right away. It is not easy to procure this kind of noodles in the market, so ready made noodles (for cold noodles) are normally purchased and used.