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Table Manners



Ingredients and measurements (for 5 persons)

5 chickens (3kg), 2.5 cups glutinous rice, 20 cloves garlic, 10 jujubes, 5 roots   (small) green ginseng, 20 cups water, 1 spoon salt
㉠ 1 spoon ginger juice, proper quantity of salt, black pepper powder and leek




① Cut belly of chicken, take off its guts and scrape off veins from bones.  Then wash its body cleanly and raise it erect to drain.
② Wash glutinous rice cleanly and soak them in water for over 2 hours, and then bring them into bamboo basket to drain.
③ Peel garlics and take off jujube seeds.
④ Wash green ginseng.
⑤ Put soaked glutinous rice, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 jujubes and green ginseng into the inside of chicken.  Then, tie the incised part with thread or skewer.
⑥ Put 5 chickens neatly into a pot that is large enough to accommodate them.  Pour water into the pot and boil them.  When they are fully boiled, weaken the fire and continue to boil for another hour.
⑦ When chickens are well done, pick them up and remove thread or skewer.  The soup will be seasoned with condiments listed in ㉠.
⑧ Place the chickens in large bowls or small pots, with each chicken in each vessel.  Then, pour boiled soup into the vessels.  Condiments such as salt, black pepper powder and thinly cut leeks will be served on a separate dish, so that eaters can season the food as they prefer.  



☞ The whole body of chicken, stuffed with glutinous rice, garlic, jujube and ginseng, shall be cooked in boiling water for a long time, to be served as samgyetang.

  • ☞ This food is one of the best health foods of Korea, desirable to be taken during summer season.