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Table Manners



Ingredients and measurements (for 5 persons)

1 cucumber (150g), onion 50g, ballonflower 50g, carrot ½ root, beef 100g, aged soy sauce 2 big spoons, sugar 1 big spoon
㉠ Green onion(minced) 2 small spoons, garlic(minced) 1 small spoon, salted sesame 1 small spoon, sesame oil 2 small spoons, Pyogo mushroom 8 each(30g), tree ear mushroom 6 each (20g)
㉡ Salt ½ small spoon, sesame oil 1 small spoon, manna lichen mushroom 5g, salt 1 big spoon, cooking oil appropriate quantity, pear ½ each, egg 2 each, sweet potato noodle 50g, aged soy sauce 1 small spoon
㉢ Sugar ½ small spoon, sesame oil 1 small spoon




① Cut cucumber into pieces of 6cm each, peel off their skins and put some salt on it after shredding them. Squeeze them to get rid of dampness and then slightly cook in a pan.
② Shred onion and put salt on ballonflower and then wash it in a water to get rid of bitter taste. Tear ballonflower into thin pieces and panfry onion and ballonflower with cooking oil after seasoning them with a little bit of salt.
③ Shred carrot in the same length as that of cucumber and put some salt on it. After a while, squeeze it to get rid of dampness and pan-fry it with cooking oil.
④ Shred beef into thin pieces to its texture direction, season the beef using ㉠ and pan-fry it. Soak Pyogo mushroom and tree ear mushroom, shred them after cleaning them and pan-fry them after seasoning with sesame oil and salt shown in ㉡. Shred the cleaned manna lichen mushroom, put some salt on it and pan-fry it slightly with cooking oil.
⑤ Put sweet potato noodle into boiling water, boil it for a short while and wash it in cold water. Take it out from water and leave it up until dampness goes away. Then season it using ㉢ and pan-fry it with cooling oil.
⑥ When the above are all finished, put them in a vessel and put a little bit of soup, and then serve it after putting the topping of sliced fried egg and sliced manna lichen mushroom.



☞ When pan-frying the vegetables for Japchae, strong fire should be used but only for a short while to make the vegetables keep their own colors. When pan-frying mushrooms, garlic should not be used but green onion should be used to keep the mushrooms’ own flavor.
☞ Beef should be pan-fried to medium done level while leaving beef stock to use it when mixing Japchae. Beef stock will add deeper taste to Japchae. As Japchae is not greasy but plain food, it is better to serve it after cooling it down.
☞ Japchae is a food in which various vegetables, beef and sweet potato noodles are separately pan-fried and mixed together.
☞ In Japchae, it is recommended that more vegetables are used than the quantity of sweet potato noodles.
☞ Japchae is frequently appearing item in the examination for cook.