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Carrot is a vegetable whose root is edible and tastes sweet.  It is mostly composed of moisture (88%) but contains sugar, calcium, natrium and phosphorus as well as vitamin A, B1, B2, C in it.
Especially it has abundant vitamin A, so taking many carrots will help prevent night-blindness, and it is also effective in promoting growth and protecting skin.

Pyogo mushroom

Ballonflower is a food but from early times it has been used as herb material for folk remedies for throat ache or sputum. Saponin contained in ballonflower helps to stop coughing and to dilute sputum so that the sputum can be easily pushed out of our bronchus. The root of ballonflower contains abundant sugar content, calcium and iron content, major ingredient of which is fibroid material. Ballonflower has special chewy taste with alkaline food and is used for herb material as well. Ingredients we can get from ballonflower are moisture, protein, fat, sugar content, fiber, ash content, calcium, phosphorus, iron content and vitamin B1 and B2. In our country ballonflower has been treated as precious item from the early times as indicated in our proverb of “Aged ballonflowers are better than ginseng.”


Dropwort is a perennial plant cultivated in rice field.  It is boiled to be eaten as vegetable or mixed into preparing watery kimchi and other dishes.  It is one of the vegetables taken by the Koreans throughout the year.
Dropwort has a peculiar flavor which is effective in stimulating appetite in such season as early spring when appetite is generally low.  The vegetable contains abundant vitamin B, so it helps fast recovery from fatigue in the springtime.
Not only vitamin A, B1, B2, C but also protein, fat and moisture are found in dropwort.  In addition, it is an alkaline food possessing inorganic elements such as Ca, P and Fe.

Red pepper

This is an indigenous and indispensable seasoning element.  The role taken by red pepper in Korea's cooking is immeasurable.  In red pepper are contained a lot of vitamin A and C.  Its red color is caused by carotene which, once absorbed in human body, produces the same effect as vitamin A.  Red pepper also possesses capsaicin which generates hot taste.  Capsaicin has the efficacy of sterilizing and disinfecting microbes, while helping digestion by facilitating secretion of saliva and gastric juice.  It also accelerates metabolism within human body.


Walnut is composed of fat (60%) and protein (20%).  It contains vitamin B1 richly as well as calcium and phosphorous.