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Table Manners






Food and lifestyle have been developed differently in a country depending on its geographic, social, and cultural environment. Korean food has been developed based on distinctive four seasons and advanced agriculture industry which produced rich rice and various grains. Moreover, Korea has abundant

seafood because it is surrounded by three seas, and foods using meat and fish were also developed. Especially, the excellence of Korean food can be found from fermented food such as paste, kimchi, or salted fish.


With this “Food in Korea” website, we would like to praise harmonized taste of Korea which has the characteristics of each season and region, and let known the excellence of Korean food which is cooked with much care and effort.




Korean Traditional Food


We introduce unique features and table manners of Korean foods and give more information on Korean traditional foods that include table setting and introduction of ingredients.



Korean Food Top10


Here we show the top 10 Korean traditional foods which could be enjoyed not only by Koreans but also by people around the world. We introduce the origin of the food, how good it is for your health, and how to cook.



Korean Food Culture


One of the most representative items that show the characteristics of a country is food. Etiquette and custom formed with food and the custom is inherited to decedents with the food again.
We could see wisdom and taste of ancestors through various food cultures that are related to time and season, marriage, funeral, sacrificial rites, and royal cuisine.



About Fermented Foods


Fermented foods represent Korean food culture. They have been developed throughout thousands of years. They are healthy and they show the wisdom of ancestors that reveals the secret for longevity. The world show high interest in fermented food. Let’s look at the types and excellence of Korean fermented foods.