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Table Manners




World’s next top food


Tyra Banks selects best vegetables to make the world’s next top food.  The process of preparing the vegetables is shown for a while.  Vegetables are cooked and placed neatly in bowls.  Then, they are mixed with rice and hot pepper paste to transform into Bibimbap.



James Making Kimchi

A student from Korea, James, makes Chonggak Kimchi with his own ‘Kimchi Rap’ as the background music.

James makes Chonggak Kimchi to his rap and talks about the taste.  He explains it is good to have Kimchi instead of pickle with spaghetti or steak.

100 Faces of Rice Cakes

A parody of HP commercial (where photos become real-life and real-life becomes photos) to introduce various rice cakes as if a person is doing magic.

A man transforms rice flour or rice into rice cake or a rose into rose-shaped rice cake in magic.  He shows that rice cakes are available in various forms and shapes.  When he reaches out of the screen, he brings in various rice cakes as if he does magic.

Rap Battle

Two rappers compete in a rap battle about Korean pears and talk about the superiority of Korean pears.

Two men rap about various foods they can make with pears and the benefits of pears in a rap battle.  When they talk about foods, they show how to make the foods.  They make it easy to understand how Korean pears are distinguished from foreign pears.

When Korean chicken meets a Parisien

The story of a group of French people who like Samgyetang better than Coq au vin

Introduces the group of French people who love Korea and Mrs. Christica Descoueyte as she makes Samgyetang.



Insam Strong Man Contest

Shows international contestants at Asia’s first IFSA Strong Man Contest in Geumsan Insam Festival last September 15 and tells that Insam is power and passion.  

Strong Man Contest is the competition of muscly men from around the world and show who is stronger.  Shows that men who ate Insam can even pull cars to stress that Insam makes you healthy.

Doenjang and the City

A parody of “Sex and the City” to show that Doenjang, a common food in Korea, can be luxurious and city-like.  

A foreign woman makes and eats various foods made with Doenjang in the heart of Seoul.  She has Doenjang soup and bread with Doenjang sauce for brunch!  You might not like Doenjang’s look, taste, and smell at first, but this UCC shows that Doenjang is good for your health.