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Making Gochujang


1. Boil dough of glutinous rice flour in boiling water.


2. Place the dough in a container and loosen it by pounding until bubbles appear.


3. If the dough is somewhat hard, add water to soften it.



4. Pass one cup of malt syrup through a sieve. Add warm water to make the malt syrup settle. Pass this liquid again through a fine sieve to make malt syrup liquid. Mix this liquid with the water in which glutinous rice was boiled, and wait until it is melted.


5. When the liquid is melted completely, boil it again and add the rice dough from the container.


6. When the dough is mixed completely, add hot pepper powder. Keep boiling, stirring the mixture well.


7. Add fermented soybean powder and mix well.


8. Put the hot pepper paste in a pot, and place it under the sun for a week. When the surface of the paste has dried, sprinkle it with salt.